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Originally Posted by BBgun
Shahriyar, i am sure if i looked i prolly would know sum1 who is on that ACC list (everyone in Bangladesh knows every1). Well i am pleased too some levels with this government. And in some areas definately dissapointed. This government plans to stay for more than 3 months, they know it, we know it. Why do they not hire more advisors. I am sorry, holding capturing corrupt leaders will not be enuf. They need to do more.
I do not see what kind of transperancy they are showing? For gods sake there is an emergency situation in Bangaldesh. Rstrictions on what you can do, where do u see the transperancy.
And it is true that they are not an elected government.
bhai, apni to dekhsi kono kisutei khusi hoar lok noi. desher current situation apnar je kono so called elected govt. theke way better.
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