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Very nice article. Indians deserve this 100%. Remember the Mondira Bedi & Charu remark about our Cricket team playing only 96 ODI's winning 5/6? How respectful was that to Bangladesh, their neighboring country? Not only in sports, Indians previously introduced Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina in one of her tours as "Mukhhyo Montri" as if we were one of thier states. This kind of reporting and attitude is shown everywhere in India and anybody who watches "Tara News" or "Zee News" will agree that they are always humiliating us.

Hence, I personally support any humiliation put on them when there is a chance because of their "Dada" attitude and ignorance of other's feelings. Furthermore they gave us the chance to do so by making a game part and parcel of their life, culture and religion. So now "EAT IT"
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