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Unfortunately little scope for additional Pacer. So far we know what we have in the bowling side; if not great its kind of ok.

But its the batting side that is still the question mark. So far against Inida the taget was below 200, against Sri Lanka we fumbled with the batting. Against Bermuda it was not fully tested. In a batting pitch, can we consistantly score 250+? We don't know yet. However its fair to say most likely not. I would say may be in the 180-230 range. So I would be very uncomfortable reducing one more batsman before they start proving that they can score 240-260 range without one additional batsman.

Now what are the options left for bowling change?

1. Adding Shahadat replacing Razzak or Rafique.
Drawback: It's a risky business bowling wise as well as batting wise. Compromising batting strength. So far spinners have done better than expected and Shahadat is inconsistent.

2. Adding Shahadat replacing Rasel.
Drawback: We know what we will gat out of Rasel. But Shahadat is a big question mark. We didn't tried him for a while, and when we tried he was too expensive. Can we trust he can finish his 10 overs without giving close to 100 runs?

Either Rasel or Shahdat plays, I think they both will bleed too many runs if we trust 10 overs from them. So I think we seriously need to some-how bring Afatb in the equation. I know he gave 17 runs against Bermuda. But it was just one over they tried in the whole tour. Somehow we need to squeeze few overs from Aftab. And its Bashar's job to make it happen ... finding few overs here and there for Aftab. Bashar needs to come out of his shell and nneds to be a little bit more creative and risk taker.
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