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While it was heartbreaking to read the comments, I have to agree with what most have said. We are a mockery of Test team.

However, read all the Indian comments. Stuff like we are going to go down to third grade Ranji Trophy Teams and Sehwag is going to score 375 in two sessions!! As if India is some f*cking amazing team! They scored less against NZ last night than we did! And Sehwag scored 2!

Indian arrogance pisses the hell out of me. Who the hell do they think they are? Remember the Roumari border incident a couple of years back when BDR shot 16 BSF soldiers for trespassing our sovereign territory and firing at us, I went to this Indian msg board after that and I was shocked to read the stuff they were writing. Stuff like India should nuke that little piece of sh*t BD into oblivion for having the audacity to kill Indian soldiers... we (India) liberate that piece of sh*t and they show their gratitude by shooting at us, they all deserver to die! I just couldn't believe it. And it was not one or two posts, but hundreds pouring in continuously for weeks. I think India and Pak should nuke each other and do the rest of us a favour!

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