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I sent 5 different comments from 5 different e-mails - cursing the shitt out of wisden. None were published - atleast they read it *I am planning to send more* Some of you might want to send some constructive message to make them feel stupid! I do not possess that power!

YUP Arnab "we gotta believe" <--- that should be our motto!! I hope that 'soon' is next test match - So none of them can claim "memory loss" later.

Sham, I like that idea! Those two countries should nuke each other out. I don't know what they think of Bangladesh! Here is a little story...

One day I was in a donut shop very late at night waiting for my train! The pakistani employee was telling me how he wishes "Bangladesh will be back with Pak as one nation" - when my reply was "keep wishing". He said "no, no - I know it will happen." He further mentioned how "two brothers can never be separated, it was a mistake to deceive our brother but all should be forgotten now." He further added "All brothers quarrel sometimes." I was laughing. I think he got offended. Then he gave me a huge lecture on Islam and how pakistan is the subject of pride to all muslims. Then I decided to give him a huge lecture of Terrorism. He got very angry! I got scared and ran out of the store and never paid for those Donuts!!!
(Actually he never charged me saying I was a "good" man after my introduction! - So I was "obligated" to have a conversation with him because of 'Reciprocity norm' of human behavior. I am sure he now regrets his initial reaction of me")

Hey I got free donuts! Beat that!!!

Lesson of the story : Do not shed tears like pundit. Get back at em - doesn't matter how as long as you get back at em!!!
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