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Default Wisden\'s anti \'Bangla Test Status campaign\'

Wisden's rants against our Test Status extend into the monthly magazine as well as the web-site. For ages, they didn't bother to do an article on us - then, when they finally decided to do a substantial article on Bangladesh (It was by Scyld Berry, I think) the article just gave us a hammering. He's a good cricket journalist and I respect his opinions but that dosen't make it easier to take.

The only Wisden writer who's had a kind word for us has been the Pakistani cricket columnist, Kamran Abbasi, who gave Bangladesh a postive writeup when we first got Test Status. So thanks for that Mr Abbasi.

I'm aware of the dangers of straying into political territory so I'll keep this next bit brief. However, I'm aware of some of the venom which some uneducated Indians on the web have directed at Bangladesh in recent years. It makes for very unpleasant reading. I can only imagine it's partially connected with the poisonous influence of the Hindu militant crowd.
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