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Originally posted by chinaman
Australian coach Mike Young, a baseball specialist,
This got me interested and I did some hunting...

He worked with the Aussies prior to the World Cup as their their throwing and fielding consultant.

Item from CricketNext

Interesting excerpts:

"...his inclusion in the touring party is an example of Australia's willingness to look beyond cricket in a bid to improve. ."

"Young's influence can be seen in relay throws from the deep and players tracking each other to the boundary, both moves designed to ensure the ball is returned as quickly as possible. "
And from this article on CricketNext we have this:
An example of Buchanan's desire to keep finding ways to improve was his inclusion of American baseball coach Mike Young as a member of his backroom staff for the tournament.
If we have to learn, lets emulate the best - the Aussies. Now if only we could learn to play some mind games and some good solid sledging...

Psyche Windies out ..

- Z

"Mike has been with us for a couple of months and all he players would at test to the difference he has made to our fielding," he said.
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