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Cool BD vs. NZ :: Steadfastness should be the Virtue of the Day

We are a very young and a prospectus side in the Cricket world at the moment. By the time our cricketers or even the current players reach their maturity like their other counterparts BD will have seen many players come and go. Just staying there and having this view will not do the cut. BD should take this opportunity to learn, as this opportunity will pave the way of the upcoming bunch that is being nurtured in country.

Now coming to tomorrows game we need to focus on our batting game plan, that be a short or long over due to nature's mystic presence. We should first take the day and the match in a simplified manner and then slowly move ahead up the chart. We must see that a WIN is not a necessity for us but a very good performance is, a performance that will show our growth, temperament, maturity, ability to adopt and change course in the game as needed. In order to achieve all these we must focus in performing better and correcting mistakes right away as it happens.

Our opening batsman must treat the initial 15 overs as if they are playing test, focus on the singles desperately and with reason. As our middle and top order batsman have good style and hitting ability, couple of shots here and there when the ball permits will just add up the pile of runs for us. Goal should be to be calm, play well but not safe and hit when you feel comfortable not because you are not able to hit for a while. The job of the player is not to entertain but rather perform well to win the game, so in that perspective our players should concentrate on that. More time the batsman will be on the crease more confident he will become and that is the truth for every single batsman regardless of how good they be.

Once we assure the singles on a regular basis we make the other fielding side go nuts and couple of shots when done it adds up to their nerves. Thats how in a clinical method we need to treat the game.

I do not demand or expect BD to WIN but to perform very well, to give a dam good fight which will show they are becoming consistent in their trade, I am looking for the charm they showed against the game with India, that is what I am looking for. When you play like that and lose the game in the books and records you are obviously a loser but for a emerging team like us it is a very important and a vital success. Such performance will simply assure that our level of playing the game is becoming more sophisticated and challenging for the other side.

WIN is not a requirement now but a better and consistent performance has become a demand, once that is achieved WINs will follow. As I always tell my friends when we sit for a chat about BD cricket, that our players must enjoy in the Super 8 and have fun, have fun to play their normal game, forget the tension as they have none to prove at this point rather they need to take the opportunity to get rid of any reservations, fear and short comings they might have while facing all the sides in a single tournament.

As fans it is quite obvious that we will be behind our team in the ups and downs and in return we want them to entertain us with a good fight every time they play, rather than a WIN now and frustrating loss in the subsequent matches.

I hope as usual our fielding will perform their best and our bowlers will keep their line and length.

Hope the best for BD and urge them to play the game in a fun fashion which will automatically bring a WIN for us.

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