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Originally Posted by Miraz
The news source is AFP, Cricinfo and other cricket sites used the same source with the same info.You can go to AFP,Cricinfo or other sites to verify that.
And please don't write rubbish about another person without knowing anything. You are making too many unnecessary personal comments.

Here's the cricnfo report
Click here for rest
I am making my personal observations/criticism. Being a journalist, you should know the difference between criticism and personal attacks. According to my observation, your previous poll was designed to get a biased result. It was clear in your poll choices.

What makes your writings non-rubbish? That you have been writing for longer? Or that you are "Editor" of something? I think I made my points clear in every thread where I quoted you.

With regard to your source, I would say, they are manufacturing news to their liking. And being a Bangladeshi cricket writer, you may want to check out your other sources (And we know you have a lot of such sources) and thereby make more credible reporting with regard to Bangladesh cricket. My post remains the same, except AFT gets in your shoes.

See, I am saner than you ...... the moment you have shown that it might not be solely your fault, I am admitting my mistake. This is called professionalism.
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