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Originally Posted by zakirc
I am making my personal observations/criticism. Being a journalist, you should know the difference between criticism and personal attacks. According to my observation, your previous poll was designed to get a biased result. It was clear in your poll choices.

What makes your writings non-rubbish? That you have been writing for longer? Or that you are "Editor" of something? I think I made my points clear in every thread where I quoted you.

With regard to your source, I would say, they are manufacturing news to their liking. And being a Bangladeshi cricket writer, you may want to check out your other sources (And we know you have a lot of such sources) and thereby make more credible reporting with regard to Bangladesh cricket. My post remains the same, except AFT gets in your shoes.

See, I am saner than you ...... the moment you have shown that it might not be solely your fault, I am admitting my mistake. This is called professionalism.
Yap very good professionalism. Calling name before verifying and later admitting mistake.


Verification from Prothom-alo? Reuters, AFP, Cricinfo all are very relibale news sources.
Moreover, Look at the opening post it's posted at 1:30 PM GMT/ 7:30 PM Bangladesh time. It was added to the front page about half an hour before that.
On the other hand, Prothom -Alo online version is updated around 9-10:00 PM GMT / 3-4 AM Bangladesh time. It's about 8 hours later.
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose .

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