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there are a bunch of positives in the newest "ashraful scoop":

- ash has matured tho he still hasn't reached his prime...he is still ultra young, has a solid 10 years on his career, and thus won't reach his peak for another couple of years or don't worry!!!

- anyone realize that ash doesn't sound so stupid in his interviews anymore??? i dunno if its the journalism, or if he actually says smarter things, but before he used have this "me first/i'm better than everyone else" kind of attitude which spewed out of every comment he made. now ash sounds a lot more team oriented.

- for those who are worried, ash proves that patience is the course of action...aftab will also eventually arrive and probably sooner than ash did given that aftab has a better coping ability than ash...i do rate aftab as the stupider of the two however and this may have a balancing effect.

- players like saqib and SN who are not as talented as ash/aftab, but who have 10 times the cranial power and grit and determination will also come a long ways...we just have to give them the same time that we gave ash and aftab.
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