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Default Commentators liked Pilot\'s captancy

As I said somewhere else in this board that my cable TV channels are back (at least only Ten Sports for now) and I could watch the Day Two's last half an hour and the highlights of Day Two. And then I could watch the full day's match of Day Three.

And from what the commentators said when play finished on Day Three, that Pilot had looked to attack when it was required and he had looked to defend when it was required.

In fact, they liked him so much, I think they had become fond of him and also gave him a lot of credit on Day Three when Pilot batted for over 100 minutes.

I was so much impressed at the words of commentators then - Sanjay Manjrekar - whom I personally didn't like because he supported Kenya when Bangladesh lost to Kenya in ODIs.

And now the whole team had earned his support - that's a great achievement, wouldn't you think so?

They had also got support from Tony Greg - the other International Ten Sports Commentator.

And by meaning they - while the fielders were fielding and especially the captain.
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