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Originally Posted by Kabir
It's surprising how everyone fires at Bashar for every loss. The match is played with 11 players, not 1. So first, get that straight.

And second, this is not lojjajonok. Learn how to accept losses. This is the same team that beat Pakistan, and made their spot in Super 8s. They've rightly qualified themselves. We lost to a team who has given us a good pitani. Accept it, and congratulate them. And next time, hope for the best, but get ready for the worst.
Firstly, our opinion is not made in thin air.Its not just us, how many times have WE (yes WE ALL) heard the commentators saying how poor Basher is doing in the field..He is not just down mentally, he is also taking the whole team down with it. He does not know how to use his resources and let the whole teams performance fall because of his poor form and captaincy. On the contrary Trent Johnstone was 1000 times a better captain than him with his limited resource and experience.

Yes this IS a lojjajonok har because of our silly mistakes and terrible captaincy and someone need to tell us "WHEN THESE GUYS WILL GET MATURED?"

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