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Originally Posted by pocha
Firstly, our opinion is not made in thin air.Its not just us, how many times have WE (yes WE ALL) heard the commentators saying how poor Basher is doing in the field..He is not just down mentally, he is also taking the whole team down with it. He does not know how to use his resources and let the whole teams performance fall because of his poor form and captaincy. On the contrary Trent Johnstone was 1000 times a better captain than him with his limited resource and experience.

Yes this IS a lojjajonok har because of our silly mistakes and terrible captaincy and someone need to tell us "WHEN THESE GUYS WILL GET MATURED?"
It's funny. You're pointing fingers at Bashar and saying "WHEN THESE GUYS WILL GET MATURED?". Have you ever captained a team? And if you did, have you lost a match? How many times did the players not perform according to your expectations? Well, just tell me, how many times have you told your players that they shouldn't play sloppy cricket. Did they listen to you?

It's really funny how you guys are ONLY blaming Bashar. I never said don't point fingers at Bashar. I said, don't point at ONLY him. There are 11 players, and each one has contributed sufficiently to the loss. Misfielding after misfielding, dropped catches one after the other, run out chances missed, and the list goes on. Bashar did all that?

It's high time that the fans really try to understand the game. Otherwise, we'll turn into another effigy-burning-mentality-group-of-idiots.
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