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Our batting was pathetic. If we could have kept wickets in hand, we would have won this easily. Our batsmen don't know how to pace their innings. Bashar was pathetic in the field true. But we shouldn't just blame him. There was noone to support him today. If we had a batsman in the other hand in last ten overs, we could have won this game. 75 runs in last 10 overs is very much doable.

Tamim: How many times did we see him going down the track and missing the ball? Well my question is how many times did he time it? I don't remember him timing any balls going down the track after the India game. Did he learn? No. He needs to learn to rotate the strikes. Today his lack of feet movement was very much evident.

Nafees: Give this guy a break. He is out of form and forcing the issue won't help it. He needs to go out and get his game fixed in domestic cricket. He needs some time off from international cricket or we will lose another good batsman. Giving him more chances now won't help. Bring Rajin for the next game.

Aftab: Lets see. Today he chased a ball and got out. Well it was a wide ball and it was meant to be hit but still he needs to take some responsibility. He really needs to realize this game is not about all fours and sixes and he is just wasting his talent. He should come at number 6. We need someone smarter at number 3.

Sakib: The only batsman who has some sort of brain was run out in a very unfortunate manner today. I guess it just wasn't our day.

Ashraful: What a start and next thing you know, he threw it away. He saw two fielders there and already got a life few balls before. Still he went with the shot again. Was it arrogance or just plain stupidity? Either way, if he was there till the end, we would have probably won the game.

Mushfiq: Good start. Two fours and then got out. I didn't expect that from him seriously. I thought he is a batsman who unlike Aftab and Tamim can control his aggresion and play accordingly. He seriously let me down today.

Bashar: Well well well. First of all, atleast he was there till the end and another batsman on the other side could've made things interesting. But seriously his running between the wicket was not only way below international standard but was quite comical seriously. 2s became 1 and 1s became dot balls as someone mentioned. Put some additional pressure on the non striking end and he shows how valuable the experience is. Atleast he was smart enough to realize that if we could play our full quota of overs, he had a chance. If he stays in the team, he needs to bat up the order as some commentator mentioned. He is not a power guy and we missed his experience up the order.

Razzak: Good partnership again but just like the England game, he threw it away. He was quite stupid seriously. Bashar told him to calm down but he didn't really care what his skipper said in the other end. Went for a big six and missed it completely. He needs to realize spinners are bowlers too. They are not meant to get hit for sixes in every single ball.

Rafique: I guess his experience didn't help us at all. He played a nothing pull shot when it wasn't short enough to pull the ball. But we shouldn't really depend on him to get the runs. If our batsmen are not doing their jobs properly, what do we expect from him?

Mashrafee: I guess he wasn't really into the game. Either he thought we lost the game already or thought it was a fielding practice session. Again, pathetic batting. But again, what do we expect?

I am just so frustated to see our batsmen perform this way. They really need to see how Ireland batted today and take a lesson or two from it. This side is too unexperienced and we need to give them time but it can't be an excuse when its time for them to perform.
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