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Why you gonna bring common sense back here ? Ok, I admit, India was a maybe but I knew we were going to get trashed by Bermuda. Still, I gave us a 20-80 to make it to the second round. Since I didn't think Ireland would make it (just like most folks didn't think we'll make it), I thought even if we make it to the super 8s, we'd probably get trashed in 2/3 matches and have some shommanjonok porajoi in the other three. By beating SA< we've already done more then I expected. So, there you go. You are brave enough to ask - "did you think we would be in the Super 8s?", you know how fickle some fans are. Well, my answer is - No. I didn't think we would. Yes, they have exceeded my expectation, apart from couple of players. However, there's plenty of other threads where I can go vent about them.

Originally Posted by Zunaid
I said it elsewhere but I will say it again.

We made it to the super 8s. In your heart of hearts - did you think we would be in the Super 8s?

We have exceeded our expectations. And we have also failed to reach our expectations.

This is what is to be expected of a team composed of many youngsters who are learning on the job.

We will get there.

My salute to a team that is better than what others think and worse than what we want them to be.
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