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Originally Posted by sadi
Tamim: How many times did we see him going down the track and missing the ball? Well my question is how many times did he time it? I don't remember him timing any balls going down the track after the India game. Did he learn? No. He needs to learn to rotate the strikes. Today his lack of feet movement was very much evident.

Nafees: Give this guy a break. He is out of form and forcing the issue won't help it. He needs to go out and get his game fixed in domestic cricket. He needs some time off from international cricket or we will lose another good batsman. Giving him more chances now won't help. Bring Rajin for the next game.
Tamim Iqbal and Shahriar Nafees' footwork is VERY poor! They were swinging their bats at anything outside offstump without even trying to get behind the line of the ball, or going forward to bridge the gap between bat and pad. With such sorry technique, I'm not surprised our openers never perform!

Bashar: Well well well. First of all, atleast he was there till the end and another batsman on the other side could've made things interesting. But seriously his running between the wicket was not only way below international standard but was quite comical seriously. 2s became 1 and 1s became dot balls as someone mentioned. Put some additional pressure on the non striking end and he shows how valuable the experience is. Atleast he was smart enough to realize that if we could play our full quota of overs, he had a chance. If he stays in the team, he needs to bat up the order as some commentator mentioned. He is not a power guy and we missed his experience up the order.
My thoughts exactly! for Bashar and JO.... we all know how limited their shots are, and how slow they are in actually running and keeping the scoreboard ticking! Very frustrating... especially since watching them is like seeing a rerun of a bad movie so many times.

Rafique: I guess his experience didn't help us at all. He played a nothing pull shot when it wasn't short enough to pull the ball. But we shouldn't really depend on him to get the runs. If our batsmen are not doing their jobs properly, what do we expect from him?
About Rafique's bowling and field setting attitude: We've heard this before, and now its confirmed in my mind.... The commentators pointed out how he complemented Bashar's already defensive mind by repeatedly asking for Boundary saving deep fielders, rather than stick to attacking cricket. The catch he dropped/missed also belied that his concentration wasnt 100% on today either. That was a really late reaction! If we need a defensive captain again, I cant see further than Rafique

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