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I predicted Bangladesh will lose as soon as i saw the line up, still hoping us to win. But, after the loss, i think i should say this. Team selection was as worse as it can get.
1. Picking out of form SN, and letting him play again in a WC match. Now, his confidence is really down and definitely need to get some run against INDIA.
2. Since Rasel was out, they had to go for less capable SH, who may not finish 10 overs, then why they didn't pick Reza to chip in some over.
3. And why not let mushfiq open, i know commentator said this boy has the propoer technique to defend against the rising ball, which is getting right behind the ball.
4. then comes poor captaincy, playing way too defensive then attacking the lower rank team.
And ponting knows our defensive strategy since he is a captain himself and he was right in money. He didn't want to say the exact words that Ireland will beat us, giving him the luxury of avoiding any more question.
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