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Default Time for Whatmore and Bashar to go

It is an open secret that I have been vocal about the ouster of Dav Whatmore along with Habibul Bashar. My argument is very simple- it is a matter of statistics that the more you play ODIs the better your chances of winning a game or two here and there. I have been vocal about the ouster of Dav Whatmore as I have stated that he does not posess the quality of taking us to the next level. It is my conjecture that had Mr. Gordon Greenidge been our coach all these time, we would have had the same result with respect to the number of wins. Some may argue, arguably for self-esteem reasons, that the tigers delivered what they had promised, a berth in Super-8. To me, the performance of Bangladesh Bangladesh team paralles that of floating of International Tenders in cricket and it is time for Habibul Bashar to go!

We have a tendency to forget everything when we turn out to be a giant killer on a given day. But that is not the attribute of a consistent winner. According to economist Lester Thurow of MIT Fortune favors the bold. Historically we have been bold when our back had been against the wall, whether in politics or in sports. However, that strategy has “wastage” written all over it, whether in politics or in sports. We need to make sure we are proactive in our process, otherwise the dimmer of hope will get buried in Bangladeshi cynicism . We should have known what Dav Whatmore would do if we pull one odd win here and there. He has done it in the past and we ended up doubling our salary. He tried to apply the same strategy with Sri Lanka, he failed as let him go. has talent but they also nurture them. Dav Whatmore takes talent and ruins them. This is a critical time for cricket and it is time for Dav Whatmore to go. It is time for Habibul Bashar to go as well. He is not fit to be even the 12th man for Bangladesh National Team.
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