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Good point here. Some of the comms were absolutely rubbish to be honest.
Makes me wonder how they even get the chance of being there. Just because they are from india or pakistan does not give them the right to comment on the biggest version of the odi games. Pure crap.

Leading the pack would be that shiv who is he anyway??
being able to speak in english does not make a good comm.

2nd in line would be aamir sohail. the paikka idiot.
i think we all know about him.

Where was Richie Benaud??
Esp for those of us who lives in Australia, we are so used to with Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry ( superb in my opinion), Mark Richards that when there are times comes this horrible horrible comms, really pisses me off.

These days commentating is not just describing whats going on the field. "Bowler balling, batsmen running...blah blah blah.." we all can do that...

They need to give insight into the match, the game and how things are working in, within and around cricket and the game itself.

Lal shivxyz and aamir sohails fails terribly in that.
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