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Originally Posted by bd_fan_from_india
i apologise if this post hurts anyone feelings out here, but then bangladesh have just started to show some improvement now and started to best the big teams beaing nz(warm-up), ind and sa, but then they r inconsistent as well like losing to ireland and england(2 games which bangladesh should have won). bangladesh r now in a in-between position where they r not bad enough to be called "minnows" and not strong enough to be called a "big team", however some more wins over big teams might change that soon, however they have lost their minnow tag in this wc.

but then some fans r getting way too over-excited with bd performance saying that they will win the 2011 wc. 1 thing is there that bd winning 2011 wc will be a far bigger surprise than india winning in 1983 and sri lanka winning in 1996. however bd will be in with a great chance to make the super-8 or even super-6(if that format is taken again), but i do not c bd winning the wc but they might have some chance in the 2015 wc. its time bd fans got a bit realistic also and ended this over-optimism. for the last 7-8 years, bd fans have been saying indian fans to get realistic, but thats changing now with indian fans asking bd fans to get realistic.

as of now, bangladesh should aim at getting their 1st ever test win over a big team and their 2nd test win overall.
the reason we didn't do well in barbados is the same reason India got thrashed in ODI series against south africa in south africa. so we can't blame our players, its our infrastructure. we never had bouncy pitches in sub-continent.

4 years, there are lots to be done. but if we can stay focused and try hard, we will have a competitive side by 2011. we are inconsistent but we need to work on that. winning WC11 is not a unrealistic dream but it will take hell of a effort.