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hahahahaha.... funniest thread!I might be a bit too optimistic when I say that we are going to win the world cup. Yes, I am but I am setting goals. Just like Bangladeshi team set goals before going for the goal which is the 2nd round. The target is getting bigger and bigger obviously, and the players will start peaking around that time and probably reach their absolute prime by 2015 for sure but 2011 will be the period when the team will be both matured and young in a way. They would have come to terms with their talent with performance. You can already see a lot of our youngsters (Ashraful/Mash/Razzak) starting to show improved signs of maturity. They are only 23/24 now. Probably by the next world cup Tamim/Nadif/Mushfique will be in the same league as them. And if you don't think Mash/Ash/Razzak are world class now then I have nothing to say.....

As for the 2011 world cup winning target, I do not think even one bit that it is unrealistic. Our team is going to be formed with a new captain a new coach just for that target right from this world cup. All I know is that the next target is to be right up there as the title contenders and not super-eight which has already been achieved.

And did I forget to mention, we are playing it in our home~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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