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Originally Posted by BanCricFan
Most BC members are naturally high and they dont need anything beside to alter their state of mind!

BD has a VERY realistic chance to go all the way come next World Cup. The key would be retaining most of the players from this bunch and groom them well. The average age of the current squad is 22 and ,therefore, they will be in their prime by the next CWC both mentally and physically. Having said that, its a long way to go till then. Hard work and constant improvement has to be made along the way.

The advantage of BD team over others is that we already have core players for the next CWC- Ashraful, Mashrafi, Razzak, Aftab, Mushfiq, Saqib, Rasel, Shahadat et all! Add to that Alok Kapali, Enamul, Farhad and one or two more. Its very formidable, indeed!

BD's success at U19 level is also another good indicator. Therefore, winning consistently by the next CWC is very realistic! Nothing should be taken for granted though. Good coach, good management, hard work, grooming existing players, keeping a stable squad, long-term planning, leadership training, improving domestic standards will pave the way for unprecedented succeess!
I think that you definitely have a serious chance at a semi-final spot in 2011 - but there's still a bit of a way to go, in terms of batting consistency and getting a bit more variety in your bowling attack. Some of the attributes you suggested (good coach, good management, improving domestic standards, grooming existing players, leadership, to name just a few) are critical and your team will have to make sure they put these in place well before 2001, as they take a few years to take effect. Improving domestic standards is one of the key activities and will take a while - it took the OZ about 10 years to improve the standard of the Pura Cup/ING Cup to the point where it was considered one of the best first-class competitions in the world.

One of the things that people don't always think about is that teams don't exist in a vacuum - other teams will also be implementing programs to make sure that they improve and make sure that these improvements are sustainable. Teams like OZ, NZ, SA, India, Pak and so on will all be looking to improve and build on their young players to make sure that they are in a position to consistently deliver quality performances leading up to the 2001 tournament, so BD will have to make sure that their rate of improvement exceeds those of other competitors.

It's good that people are optimistic though! Good luck.

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