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Why not ?

Thinking abt it, the BD team looks a lot like the Indian team that won in '83.

My best comparison would be Mortaza with Kapil (may be too early ..but )

Mortaza is what Kapil was to the Indian team then..

--The Lone Pacer (ofcourse we had others and BD has others too ..) but it was Kapil and co then and Mortaza and co now.

--A likely candidate for captancy

--A hard hitter (But has to be more consistent to be reach the league of Allrounders)

--Charismatic like Kapil .

And even Tamim might be matured by then ..a la Srikanth to unnerve the bowlers.

what BD needs is just a couple of world class Batsmen in the middle liek Gavaskar,Vishy or Vensarkar.

Saqib,Ash will have to make rapid strides to fill that up.

And more importantly BD has the bits and pieces allrounders that India had then .