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Take a quick look at India before 2001/2002. They had only two recognized world class bowlers in Srinath and Kumble and their batting (even though Dravid and Gangs was around) ralied mostly on one Sachin Tendulkar. Imagine what would have happened to them if they did not have Tendulkar .... So, it's really sad when some of their so called sports writers get a kick out of putting BD (barely 3 years in the test circuit and has their best score of 400+ against INDIA) down quite unnecessarilly.

Was their any reason to mention Bangladesh in that cheap article of his ? Any at all ? It's really pathetic. I've noticed a trend among some of their 'writers', they like to kick you in the groin when you are down. Uthe darale neri kuttar moto meu meu kore doure palai. Can someone please translate that for everyone ???
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