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Originally Posted by User Name
Give us examples of some Baseball players - who would have been a cricket player otherwise. Do you have examples - or are you just speaking from personal experience?
It is from experience. The talent drain begins at an early age. Dominican Republic, Porto Rico are the two biggest contributors to Major League Baseball (USA). The money in Minor leagues in US is more than what even the national team cricketers make in a year. Ofcourse Manny Ramirez makes over 22 million per year. The whole WI board can't make that much in 5 years years. In all time highest paid salary earned, there are 14 players borned in Porto Rico, Dominican Republic. manny's total income (just salaries not sponsership) to date is 126 million. Sosa's 123 Mill, Perdo Martinez 120 Mill, Carlos Delgado 103 Mill, Ivan Rodriguez 92 Mill I can go on and on.

Even in little league World series many boys (under 12) gets to show case their talent and the scouts move them to states. school becomes free ride. The Highest paid Cricket team in the World Australia can't even dream of matching these players (single) income. Let alone the sponsership money.

Which parents in sane mind would ask their kids to play cricket when Baseball provides financial security that would cover next 10 generations? Heck a minor league career can earn 10 times more of what Bravo and them make.
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