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BD Fan from India,

"bangladesh is no doubt improving and they will win a world cup in the future, but to say they will win it in 2011 is getting way-too-over-excited."

What is wrong in being over-excited? Didn't we say we'll win this world-cup when we even failed to get to the Super-8. In retrospection, wasn't that an over-excitrement. And if it was, what was wrong with that?

"bangladesh do not have even 1 big-hitter in their team and to even think of winning the world cup"

You don't need big-hitters to win a world-cup. You can make 183 and still win the world cup. Don't agree with me - Look at 83 world cup. You can win only 3-4 matches, and still win the world cup. Look at 1992 World cup.

"bangladesh will have to do a lot of work in the next 3.5 years"

So will every other team that aspires to win the next world cup.

"bangladesh, should try to win asia cups 1st and then move ahead by winning the world cup in all."

Winning the Asia cups won't guarantee that they can win the world cup, nor not being able to win Asia cups take away their chances.

"at best in 2011, bangladesh will be 1 of the darkhorses"

I am sure some might've bet their last dollar that "at best, BD will win againt Bermuda in 2007 WC".

"also, cricket is an unpredictable game and anything can happen. "

There, you got it .

"who knows none of the existing "top-8" teams might fail to make it into the super-8 in a future world cup when we will be having 32 teams."

And who knows - there might not be even one of the "existing" super-8 teams into the super-8 of the future world cup.

My simple point - it is pointless on your or anyone's part to try and put limit on what BD fans should dream and hope for. I don't see why they should hope for anything less than the World Cup. And i don't see why anyone should have anything against that.
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