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Hi: I send this suggestions to one of the admin.s and he asked me to put it here we go...
Hi: I've been a regular on this forum for about 2 years, and wanted to give some feedback just as a regular member. I think this forum is great and the MODs are doing a wonderful job. But with the team's recent success the band-wagon fans are starting to ruin the fun a bit. There are often 5 or 6 threads about similar topics and this causes three problems.
#1 You don't know where to put your post
#2 You have to jump from thread to thread to read the complete story
#3 Because of the divided the attention, in most threads, the discussion dies down after a one or two pages.
So here are my suggestions:
#1 Delete/Move all existant threads
#2 MODs start one thread for each player and coaching stuff on the squad (all the discussion about Ashraful stays in his thread)
#3 MODs also start threads for each notable/significant topic (Such as captaincy, team selection, batting order, future players etc.)
#4 If a member feels that there's a topic that existing threads don't cover, they can send the suggestion to MODS and they can review the necessity or direct the member to the appropiate thread.
Again, I know, this might be a hard task and post counts maybe messed up due to all the re-arrangement. It's just my suggestion that thought might make this forum more interesting and make the discussion here enjoyable and lively. Thanx.
*BTW thanks for that chat session with Razzaq and Mushfiq, hope there will be more of that in the future.
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