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my apologies to all who found my posts offensive and thanks to all guys who supported me. we all have a right to dream, even we indians r ourselves dreaming of winning the 2011 wc, so we cant prevent others from dreaming. i was only saying that bd can continue to dream of winning the 2011 wc, its just a diff thing that it has almost 0 chance of happening as bd dont have even 1 big-hitter. over 90% of bd fans think that they r the 2011 champs. i saw huge banners saying "bangladesh - 2011 wc champ" in the wc matches of bangladesh and even out here, many ppl think the same.

but before dreaming of winning the 2011 wc, bd should start dreaming of winning the asia cups.

also, stop bringing india into this just bcoz the person who started the thread happened to be an indian. what if a bangladeshi had started this thread???

i remember in the 2002 champions trophy bangladesh had said - "we can beat australia"
Bangladesh are NOT minnows