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I really feel Bangladesh should harmonise internal gas price in Bangladesh with the international or regional market rate. There is a lot of wastage in Bangladesh, and now its no secret that there is limited reserves of gas in Bangladesh, and of that so much is being lost due to faulty gas field mining systems (Magurchhara - Occidental/Unocal, Tengratila - Niko, and now Titas). We cant continue to treat it as the cheapest resource, prices MUST be raised so that pilferage and wastage actually feels like it hurts.

And now that we're talking about Import: is the government to subsidise imported gas as well? Or are they going to implement a ridiculous scheme to have higher price for Myanmar gas, and lower price for Bangladeshi gas coming into my stove from the same pipe? This needs to be rectified, the govt has subsidised enough industries for far too long at great expense and wastage to the public exchequer (look at BPC in recent times given the volatile and rising global oil prices). And although the decision to increase gas prices to international market rates will have Dire Political Consequences... it is only right that the CTG do it before they leave instead of relying on an elected govt to never do it.
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