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It is not only the cricket spectators who are bored to see the Aussie dominance, even Australian players themselves are also bored. If you observe carefully, then I am sure you would find that this time, even after winning the World Cup, OZ players have failed to celebrate the way they did in 2003. What is their fault? If winning world cup becomes a typical phenomena in your life, then you can't celebrate everytime with a-life-time zest.

We have been waiting for many other teams to come up and snatch the trophy from the OZs. But they have failed. Now, I don't want to look far. Tigers! Plz do something to stop the Aussies. I know that I am asking too much from you, but you have to believe that nothing is impossible. If the Ozs can win the WC three times in a row, then you can win atleast once. Meanawhile, you have once proved that if you roar, then the mighty Aussies also find themselves in hapless situation. So, get ready for '11 show.

GO Tigers
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