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Originally Posted by shaad
Miraz, I disagree. I think it is both entertaining and enlightening to see a team function as a well-oiled machine, day in and day out, and not just depend on one or two superstars to save the day, and then only if they are in form. I believe the Australian style of cricket is what we should try to emulate -- fitness, tight fielding, aggressive but intelligent batting and running (note that I said intelligent; I'm not talking about being just aggressive a la Tamim), and attacking bowling (we are well on the way to this, but we need our fielders to complement the bowling consistently, not just on the day we're playing India).

While it is enjoyable to see a sublime innings from an excellent batsman, that only wins you one or two matches; it doesn't make you one of the dominant teams.
shaad, everyone has got different perspective.

Never liked the "well oiled machine style" team performance from Australia and that's the whole point in my post. I want more human touch where mistakes should be obvious along with great cricket.

Hopefully, "Robot World Cup Cricket" in near future will be more "entertaining and enlightening".
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose .
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