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I guess, I ll still pay to watch Gilchrist play like that.Its almost like saying, lower your standard, otherwise I wont play....... kind of what we used to say as kids. Australians are not there by their birthly rights, they acheived it through hard work and determination. teams can match them if they can, otherwise nothing to do.

Some time ago, gavaskar came into debate saying australians setting a bad example by their bad mouthing in the game. The thing is, if u win, u have some bragging rights. The match is won by the contest of bat and ball, it is not won by mouth. gilchrist will still score a 150 off 100 balls even if he doesnt say a word. So even though some may claim aussies are bullying their way in, actually bullying is the after effect of their winning, not the other way round. i guess i am drifting off topic............
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