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Amit, how old are you now ? You still post like a 12-13 year old. Which is kinda sad, don't you think ? I take it back, we've had 12-13 year olds posting more intelligently in here. That makes your posts even more daft.

Knowing how pathetic you are, you'll probably come back after the WC of 2011 to gloat IF Bangladesh doesn't win.

For your information - I have no dream of winning the asia cup. It won't be bad but it's one of those tournaments that matter very less. Heck, they can't even hold the tournament on a regular basis. ODI series against India ? Would be nice but I'd really like to win the ODi series against Australia and it'll be a while before we can do it. I don't have a timetable on that either. Why don't you worry about growing up and realize that our dreams are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

IF you try to tell me what wecan and can not do one more time, your posts will start vanishing.

By the way, remove your sign or I'll do it for you. I don't want to see Bangladesh and minnows in the same sentence. IN fact, since you like to tell us about dreams. I'm telling you to replace your current sig and change it to - "Bangladesh - World Champions - World Cup 2011". IF you don't do it, your posts will start vanishing. That's a promise. In fact, I have a dream that AMIT will one day grow up and stop being a chichka eedoor.
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