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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
You said, "but he had a good WC. You averaged the two lowest scores"
Good world cup, lol. When it mattered he couldn't deliver. What good is in it? Secondly, I didn't take the two lowest scores. I just ignored score against bermuda cause nothing was on the line in that game and the opposition is some part time players. Giving ODI status to those games are similar to crime. I did that for other Indian players too. So I just didn't single out Shewag.

When you can't understand something it is better to reread the post before making a judgement.
lol, You just cant stop, can you? First of all, I said he had an OK WC, why didnt you quote that? Secondly, I was talking about you being the next S Rajesh. Remember why we all "love" Rajesh? Cuz he takes out all accounts of matches with "incompetent teams". Thats the exact thing your doing. You even said that you - and I quote - "Rajeshed him". And this:
Giving ODI status to those games are similar to crime.
I dont even have to comment on that.

And since you obviously didnt even read my whole post in an effort to reply back as soon as possible. Here it is again:
"Anyhoo, there are others that failed both against a minnow team (that apparently doesnt deserve a place in your ratings) and a stronger one. Why does Sehwag beat them into the top XI? Hes the one who prevented the SL-India match from becoming even more of a one-sided contest..."
Thats that. Why I said what I said. Comprende?

Jesus, I have a feeling this wont be over soon....
^True dat^

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