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Make up your mind for once BD4eva.

first you say, Shewag had a good series; then you say, he had a ok series. Which one? Or 'ok' and 'good' is same to you?

2nd, it is you who asked the question if I was agreeing with you or not? Who is not comprehinding here?

3rd don't assume everything. Your lack of understanding of how I derived stats is not my fault. May be that century of shewag means a great deal to you but to me means nothing, nada, zero.

I have every right to do a rajesh, gonesh, dhimesh, ashish anyway I want to. As long as I have a fair judgement to back it up that satisfies me.

You have the same right too. You can create and justify your selection. Just not point fingers at me.


I see what it is now. Maybe Shewag is your idol, but to me he is a washed up player. I am happy India picked him for the ODIs cause that way he would perform badly again for India which is good for Bd.

In that case just could have said, you didn't agree with my selection of my WC Dream team instead of trying to point finger and say which of my selection was wrong.

lol, You just cant stop, can you?
Who started it? Same can be said about you.
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