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Originally Posted by Tigers_Eye
2nd, it is you who asked the question if I was agreeing with you or not? Who is not comprehinding here?
lol dude...We can keep this up for as long as we want. Your gonna keep changing tactics and going beside the point and Ill keep repeating the same thing over and over again. All I said was that what you were doing was exactly the same as what Rajesh was doing. I dont even understand why you keep attacking everything Im trying to say. I put forward my opinion of what I thought was wrong, and I pointed it out. This is a discussion board. Were meant to discuss, not just give your points forward. Thats why theres a "reply" option. I said that you were doing what Rajesh did. No attacks. I pointed out what exactly, in a manner normally used in a debate. Then you come up with stuff like this:
"Since you didn't understand what I tried to say so here it is for you:"
I dont know if youve ever been in a proper debate, but saying stuff like that is definitely not the way to go.
"Good world cup, lol."
Can you not see how that can be taken as if in jest?
"Make up your mind for once bd4eva"
Honestly, what makes you continue on and on with something that both you and I agreed to? Im stopping right here. Lets stop wasting out time on something this silly...Stop trying to attack the person, attack the message if you have to. Till now, youve got nothing...
^True dat^

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