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Some suggestions:

1. Perhaps allow people to select different player combinations before the beginning of each game. This might be too much management and code change. As if you don't have enough to do.

2. Alternate is to allow a 6 or 7 person team and then let people choose which 5 to represent them in each match. If one doesn't select, just take the top 5 or if one forgets to change selection after a game, keep the previous 5.

3. Perhaps augment scoring. Just some suggestions:

Batting scores for: (values are just my sugestions)
50s = 50
100s = 100
Not outs = 5
Ducks (-ve value) = -20
Runs = total runs
Fours = num x 4
Sixes = num x 20
Batting position weight = so give higher weight to a #9 over a #3

Strike Rate =
Number of maidens =
Economy rate =
Number of wickets =
Number of wides (-ve) =

The values need to be calculated properly so that one doesnt have an advantage over the other - otherwise we'll fill our team with batsmen or bowlers.

w/k is hard to rate so Pilot won't probably be picked :/
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