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Default Razzak Raj vs. Enamul Jr.


Having said that, I am going to be an arm-chair guru. Based on what I've read, Razzak Raj seems to get more of his wicket via change of pace and skidders which in the pressures scoring off each ball in one day cricket, and with our generally undisciplined first class batsment is quite effective. Add good batting abilities and he's Definitely a Good One-Day Prospect.

I'd be interested in watching how effective he is in 4 day matches against a team such as England who are quite willing to pad the ball away all day waiting for the bad one.

Enamul Jr. seems to be more of a genuine twirler - i.e. capable of giving the ball some serious RPMs (the English journalists were ga-ga bout that I recall). Being able to spin the ball brings factors such as drift, bite, and bounce into the equation - nuances which are lost in the helter skelter nature of one-day cricket. On top of that he's bit of a mug with the bat which can be better hidden away on longer version of the game. As such I daresay Enamul is a better test prospect.
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