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Points taken into consideration. Let me how much of this can be put into the system.

Another point that I discussed before is to implement virtual cost of a cricketer. In this scenario, a player will start off with a set amount, say 500 points. With this points he will have to purchase 5 cricketers. Each cricketer will have preset value. The higher quality cricketer with good recent performace will have higher cost. E.g: Bashar could cost 130 points, while Sujon could cost 75 points. Cricketer cost calculation would be done by some statistical analysis automatically at the start of the series.

Now, each fantasy player will have to distribute his points evenly to purchase 5 players. One no longer can get all the good players, because it will just cost too much.

In the middle of a series ODI or Test, if one wants to substitute a cricketer, then he/she has to pay the current value of the new cricketer + all points that was scored by that cricketer until that point.

Will have to see how much of these I can implement.

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