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Totally Out of frustration:

1. Dumbspeak/ sms lingo/ msn chatbox language - whatever you call it is getting to me! See thread:

Now I know the thread starter has acknowledged lots of times and has apologised, but I still have found it a total turn off to add whatever comments of substance I had hovering in my mind to the thread topic, also partly because the thread trailed off into his lingo, rather than the content of his post.

2. This title post ( ) had a link to India's BD tour prep coverage, which I found to be very good. I really had a good mind to write my comments on the developments and hard work the Indian team is putting on, and that we really ought to be concerned, etc... ie a post of substance. However the thread is completely about arguing on whether the Indian team is called "tigers" or not. Again, completely put me off from writing anything remotely constructive. The sub-forum really is for cricket talk after all.

I'm sorry and I admit that this is my problem, whether I reply or not to these threads, and perhaps there are alternate threads already discussing what I had in mind, but really I thought I'd at least let the mods know my frustration.
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