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Ahmed_B, with all due respect, I am really surprised by your action towards my post. I wish you better broaden and re-evaluate your horizon of petit sentiment about what is g-rated and what is not.

I didn't mention a pornography book or refer to any kind that might agitate one's cardinal passion, did I? How does a caption of a book threaten a g-rated environment when the book has nothing to do with pornography? The book I mentioned was simply about gender issue which is coherent to social science! Please do some google research on the book "The Vagina Monologues" and get your fact right whether it has anything to do with pure sexuality or pornography.

Would you also have edited the post if I mentioned the books like Sexual Politics (by Kate Millet) or The Second Sex (by Simone De Buvoir) for that matter? Now I surely think you would. Karon okhane "sex" shobdo tar ullekh achey je! Chi chi chi...tauba tauba!!
\"In this game, there is no pretending, no mercy, no second the middle of this huge arena he is on trial, one against eleven, with no one to protect is not a game, it is the truth of life\"
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