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Some bloke's written an open letter to the ICC requesting that OZ be disqualified and the WC be awarded to Sri Lanka. His reason is that the squash ball apparently imparted a spring like effect, which generated energy, which was then somehow transferred from Gilly's gloves onto the bat, which then transferred it onto the ball, which allowed it to be "catapulted with catastrophic consequences" (or something like that).

Not sure what Isaac Newton would have thought of this...

The characteristic of the squash ball indicates that the ball is made of vulcanised rubber with additions of polymers and synthetic material to achieve a degree of fairly low resilience. The lower the resilience of the object the higher the proportion of energy used in deforming it. Thus when a batsmen hits the cricket ball, the air inside the squash ball gets pressurised or deformed, releasing a spring load of energy, that is transferred directly to the bat, resulting in a catapulting effect on the cricket ball, as evidenced by the spectators, watching Gilchrist’s batting spell bound.
If you read the whole article, it's pretty funny. It must be a windup - there's no way the bloke could be serious. -
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