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Originally Posted by FaHiMa
yuh ppl r funny....
i think everi 1 shudd b allowed to write in msn language as long as it`s readable!

n e wayz yy exactly does dee indians want all dat securty ...nd privacyy??!
it`z not lyk Bd ppl wanna harm them in anyy way!
dey shudd be relax`d ...not hav all that tight security...
nd enjoy their stay at BD....

nd i kno dravid is sayinn` that it`z NOT/won`t be revenge games ...buht wit all dat attitude datz waht it seems lyk....LOLz...i jk....

damnn ...i wish i cud b in BD rite now watchin` de games ...myy dad`s therre so he can see themm...grr...i gotta wait till de summer...CAN`T WaiiT to go to BD! topic....

i guess we`ll havta wait nd see whu winnz before de game startz i hav no predictionz!
IT`z n e onez game!

Well obviously it's not readable since so many people are complaining about it.
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