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Some guy in Daily Star wrote in letters to the editor which pretty much summed up my feelings about Bashar's captaincy.

Poor captaincy!
Rezaul Abid , On e-mail

What kind of a captain would lose a winning match by placing his fielders in all the wrong places? Which captain would not ask his bowlers to deliver short balls when the striking batsman is relying on a runner? Bring him out; create some opportunities for your bowler and keeper. Build the pressure on such a striker by closing in. Instead, you spread the fielders further out. Were you thinking? It was an ODI match not a fund raising event. It seems our captain has no clue as to how to strategize a game of cricket based on conditions on a given day. Instead, he has the tendency to rely more on fluke (some call it stroke of luck) than anything else. For this reason, our neighbouring cricket playing countries along with big teams like Australia and England continue to treat us like minnows.

Habibul Bashar, would you please wake up and smell the air around you? It is time for you to redeem yourself by showing some true captaincy. Do not rely on good luck alone; rely on your team and avail the opportunity that the other 10 players of your team create for you.

You can start by stopping scoring ducks and not getting run out like a schoolboy learning to play cricket.
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