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Originally Posted by cricket_dorshok
He is useless in ODI, nobody will disagree. in test? well, we need to wait few more days. but my personal thinking he is a hopeless in all sorts of cricket (ODI, test, FC, parar cricket, etc.). he better retires from both ODI and test.
Ouch, a bit too harsh : hopeless in street cricket)..He needs to stick around Bng cricket for a little longer. He has to be there as a father figure...There is the coach, but on the field it is Bashar himslef, and Rafique..For ODI and test, he needs to be there for little longer...He needs his concentration back..There were games, and times during a game where his captaincy seemed stratigic, and usefull in the end-even during the WC 2007..He just needs to bat for the team, and use his brain (which is there) for the team..
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