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I had to vote "Other" becasue:

Habibual Bashar may be going through a bad patch with his batting.
So, I don’t care if he stays both in the ODI and Test Team.
What I absolutely don’t want to see is him doing captaincy in any form of cricket.
Not even in his neighborhood informal club teams.

He was handed captaincy because there was no one around to take charge and the team objective was sort of “Earning Honorable Defeat”. But that’s not the case now—we want the team to try hard to win games even when they are certainly going down. Bashar is not a captaincy material for the new era.

I’ll am willing to give time to Batsman Bashar to regain form.
But if I see Captain Bashar still hanging around, I would pray for Bangla Bhai to come alive and take charge.
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