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Originally Posted by ammark
I cant agree with what Chacha has said:

Bashar's captaincy is overly defensive, reactionary and error prone and has cost us a good number of wins recently with the team that he has under his wings. In all truth I have not seen his captaincy improve or deteriorate since 2004... as has been jibed at often, his on field decisions seem formulaic and unimaginative. It is just our bad luck that finally with the great team that we have now, its Bashar's static on field decisions that have held us back. It would have been quite different if Bashar progressively learnt and adapted his on field captaincy since back then.

As a batsman, the criticism comes from his consistent lack of form, negative body language and the way he's been playing his innings. By all means he may choose not to retire from the team, but he has to prove to the world that he deserves to be in BD team given the alternative players ready and waiting at the moment for his spot. This does NOT mean that he has the right to retain captaincy
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