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Default Murthee Singh and his dog

An Indian fan toured South Africa to watch India play in the African continent. He took his faithful dog Harbi with him.

During the first test in Cape Town Murthee Singh took his dog to the pub to watch the game. Both Murthee and Harbi wore orange clothes

"No dogs allowed" said the barman.

Murthee than pleaded with the barman that he has travelled all the way from India and the gatekeeper at Newlands did not allow him to take his dog into the ground and so he decided to watched the game in the pub. The sympathetic allowed Murthee in the pub

The game started. Harbi the dog stood on his hind legs and clapped each time the Indian batsmen scored a boundary.

"Thats a very smart dog you have" said the barman

"This is nothing!" shouted Murthee. "In the Indian subcontinent he does a triple summersault whenever India wins a match"

The barman was amazed and asked Murthee

"What does he do when India wins a game outside the Indian subcontinent"

Murthee looked a bit confused and than shout angrily,

"How should I bloody know!!!. I only have this dog for 18 years"
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