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Default Considering resignation, please voice your opinion

Just like Ha Ba makes the whole team look meek and weak, your pacifist posts and analysis makes the BC members / fans look gutless and mindless.
You are supposedly summarizing what the BD fans are thinking. And you are misrepresenting us to the outside world.
I am accused by a fellow member by two very serious allegations. If these are true, I have no right to work as a BanglaCricket Editor.

I opened this thread to know the truth from the members and I will request Mods and Admins to keep the thread alive for some time.

I took the post of BC Editor to spread the image of Bangladesh Cricket to internet world and I always try to build a positive image of Bangladesh Cricket and definitely up-hold the image of BanglaCricket.

Now, if I am using my time and passion to downgrade BC or make BC members/fans look gutless and mindless, I think I am not doing justice to my job and most importantly to the members. Writing regular tour bulletins, previews or analysis is never an easy job and I don't want to take so much pain to do harm to BanglaCricket members and fans.

This is not a knee jerk reaction from me. I am open to criticism and I want to make BanglaCricket a better site.

Now, I want to know the opinion of the members, if it's true that I am misrepresenting BC members to outside world, I don't want to cling to my post as BC editor.

Making you look gutless and mindless is an unforgivable offense, if I have committed that crime, I sincerely apologise to you.

I really want constructive thoughts from you.
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose .

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